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"Every professional has a different way to express the way they feel and describe the golf swing, which can be conflicting for learners and experienced players alike.  I am delighted to say that Doug’s book sets a great structure on which to base all the years of study and practice ahead of his readers.

"Furthermore, no amount of skill prepares you for the mental heat of battle, and yet there is so little written in such simple terms as I see here, about how to master it.  I would recommend this book to golfers of all capabilities".

Alan Murray

Winner, Australian PGA, French Open, Wills Masters and 60+ PGA tournaments
 Life Member, PGAs of Australia and Singapore

“I have known Doug Hannaford for a great number of years and I have always marvelled at his passion and love for the game of golf.  When he told me that he wanted to write a book on the game, I urged him to go ahead and encouraged him to put his passion into words. 

"Little did I realise when I first started partly proof reading  for him that, Think Your Way To The Next Level in my opinion would be one of the most comprehensive books on golf and how to play it that I have ever read.   

"The book if read and absorbed will take the reader from the absolute basics of playing the game right through to course design and also to having the mental attitude that helps to make fine players what they are.

"To have a book like this which allows the reader to not only learn all about the game but to use it for revision exercises will I am sure help many people to better understand the game that they love.  This is what Doug Hannaford set out to do and what he has achieved. 

"Think Your Way To The Next Level is a book that I can recommend to anyone with a love of golf.”

George Begg,  Secretary, Australian Golf Writers Association

"This book is the best instructional golf book that I have read. It explains the golf swing in a simple and structured way and presents the reader, no matter what handicap, with a very valuable tool. I am now spending the time to tweak my swing using this book and it is paying immediate dividends!

"Doug's excellent writing and communication skills have combined for a terrific read".

Peter Brown, 18 Handicap, General Manager

"I found your book an easy, understandable read with excellent, clear detail especially for a high handicapper like myself".

Christie Jones, 36 Handicap
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