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The psychology behind this book

 In education psychology, context is everything.  People can learn even the most complex processes quite readily if their tutor first establishes a framework to accommodate the elements of each concept in a logical order.  

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I think of this framework as a set of imaginary pigeon holes, hence the head made of pigeon holes (left). You should use the same mindset as you study this book pages.

In the context of this book for example, I have first given you an initial outline of which characteristics of a good golfer we are going to focus on, before beginning to work through them in order. I will continue to reinforce the framework as we go along.

This framework will stay with you from now on and, in your future reading or lessons, you will be building a deeper insight into each concept. 
I would strongly suggest that you retain my initial content as the fundamentals, and treat all future input as reinforcement or triggers to enhance your understanding of them.

Setting Objectives

The next process in effective teaching, is the art of breaking each of our framework concepts into core subjects and deriving a list of objectives for each of them. Objectives can then be broken down into key points.  

The book contains just 30 objectives to ​cover enough significant points to let you hold your own on a golf course.  For accomplished players they can use the ball striking objetives to refine their swing then focus on the epic area of mental composure.  Here for example are the first few objectives:

The Key to Great Ball Striking: 

The Grip and Address
Objective 1: Gripping the Club for the Right Connection to your Arms
Objective 2: Set your Knees and Hips to Build a Solid Base
Objective 3: Building an Athletic Stance
Objective 4: Find Your Own Natural Ball Position

How to Build a Repeating Swing

Objective 5: Swing Slowly Enough to Make Perfect Movements
Objective 6: Rotate your Right Shoulder Back to Trigger the Backswing
Objective 7: Unleash the Coil to Trigger your Downswing
Objective 8: Eliminate Overactive Hands Forever
Objective 9: Learn to Rehearse it all Together
Learning from Others

For a complete list see the Table of Contents