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Table of Contents

Becoming a Golfer 

Fitting Good Golf into a Busy Life 
Attributes of a Good Golfer 
Make a Plan 
How to Read this Book 

Learning to Learn 

Establishing a Framework

Setting Objectives

The Key to Great Ball Striking: 

The Grip and Address 

Objective 1: Gripping the Club for the Right Connection to your Arms 
Objective 2: Set your Knees and Hips to Build a Solid Base 
Objective 3: Building an Athletic Stance 
Objective 4: Find Your Own Natural Ball Position 

How to Build a Repeating Swing 

Objective 5: Swing Slowly Enough to Make Perfect Movements 
Objective 6: The First Move:  Rotate your Right Shoulder Back to Trigger the    
Objective 7: The Second Move:  Unleash the Coil to Trigger your Downswing 
Objective 8: Eliminate Overactive Hands Forever 
Objective 9: Learn to Rehearse it all Together 
Learning from Others 

The Short Game 

The Absolute Fundamentals of Putting 

Objective 10: Putt with your Shoulders 
Objective 11: Which Car Will You Take Today? 
Objective 12: Getting the Speed Right  

Chipping and Pitching 

Objective 13: Learn the Ultimate Stroke Saver: It Couldn’t be Easier! 
Objective 14: Play the Clockface for the High Pitch (Lob) 34

Bunker Shots 

Objective 15: Stand Taller and Take One More Club in Fairway Bunkers 
Objective 16: Play the Clockface in Greenside Bunkers Too 

Developing Consistency 

What to be Consistent At 
Objective 17: Make your Swing Second Nature 
Objective 18: Learn to Stand Side On – and Stay There! 
Objective 19: Know your typical Length and Height with Every Club! 

Objective 20: Learn to Practice Constructively 

Troubleshooting Your Own Swing 

Objective 21: Track your Statistics 
Objective 22: Learn to Interpret your Shots – The Nine Ball Flights 

Course Design and Good On-Course Strategy 

Course Design and How it will Help Your Score 
Recognizing the Elements of Good Golf Architecture 
How the Evolution of Golf Dictated Course Design 
Old Tom Morris: The Supreme Mentor of Modern Golf 
Emergence from the Penal Origins of Golf Design 
The Golden Era and the Birth of Strategic Golf Course Design 
Alister MacKenzie 
H.S. Colt
Donald Ross 
A.W. Tillinghast 
Golf Courses and Players at their best: The Major Championships
Modern Course Design: Enjoying the Legacy of the Golden Era 

Objective 23: Understanding the Philosophy of Strategic Design 

Strategic Design in Practice 
Learning from the Designer 

Becoming a Good On-Course Manager 

Objective 24: Recognise your Limitations; Build in some Safety Margins 
Objective 25: Learn to Play the Course Backwards 
Objective 26: Learn to Make a Game Plan 

Mental Composure 

Developing the Composure to Execute Each Shot Best 

Objective 27: Learn to Visualise your Shots 
Objective 28: Eliminate Doubt from your Mind – the Pre Shot Routine 
Objective 29: Learn to Become and Remain Calm 


Objective 30: Learn to Absorb the Good with the Bad 

The Concept of Kendo 


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