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About this book

This innovative book is a unique breakthrough for every golfer who wants to get on with serious improvements to their game.  Doug Hannaford has distilled almost forty years of study of the game into just 30 absolute fundamentals which he calls objectives, most of which you can begin to embrace between visits to the golf course.
This book is for every golfer, from the absolute beginner to the accomplished tournament player, because of the way Doug presents his findings on technique, on-course strategy and mental composure.  These concepts are affirmed in an interesting foreword by European Tour player and accomplished course architect Michael Clayton who has first-hand experience in all aspects of the game.
For the beginner, it cuts through the daunting maze of discussion on ball striking, to present just four objectives towards achieving a correct setup, and five objectives to build a repeating swing.  Likewise, he simplifies the short game by focussing on just three putting objectives and four short game objectives.
If this seems simplistic, that is the intention completely, because Doug believes that the game of golf is largely psychological and he prepares you to think like accomplished golfers do.  This is where the book offers something for even the best player, as it presents five clear tasks to help you develop consistency.
Later sections of the book address the fundamentals of good strategy on the course, by helping you recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, then marries them up with a fascinating study of the design concepts of the game’s most influential course architects.  Just his recounting of influential aspects of their personal lives is worth a read, alone!
Doug closes with several mental discipline skills taken from other walks of life, to help you achieve a calm state and maintain it in the heat of battle.  With such a broad yet logical coverage of all the best thinking in golf, this could be a life changing book - for your golf and for your life!

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